Deep dive on withcraft left me joining 2 unserious groups, one is very uhm wishy washy about knowledge and the other is very rigorous academically but also boring and unspiring? the grass is always greener on the other side i guess... . Still thinking about my tendershipping meta/shrine/thing and also i want to put in here my fav Loki papers tehee, maybe an easy access for starting in hellenism in spanish too... i'll see if i have the time. If anyone knows a spell to be economically abundant n still get to learn a lot of shit please let me know lmao.


A week after the whole "hmm letucce might not be the best shrine offering" thing i ended up doing a mix of warm milk, sugar, cocoa bits and a white flower and it was a sucess!! UPG but the Lady might be a sweet tooth just like me :9.
On a similar note im on a deep dive with witchcraft! did a little course on cleansing and protection spells but its eh, there's a point whre you just gotta do the stuff, it doesnt help that i've dowloaded way too many magick books.


A few days ago i bought a honey candle for Aphrodite and a ruda one for Loki, while dressing them i tought hmmm i saw that some people give Aphrodite lettuce for, you know, that time lmao, and i tought yeah ok lemme try, so i put some honey in that cause my Lady loveees honey and while doing so i tought "Isnt this weird? like it doesn't feel...good, some could say this is a lack of respect i suposse..." but i went through it anyway cause i suck at listening to my gut, lo and behold Aphrodite candle flame was so tiny....i could feel her saying "UGH I GUESS ILL TAKE THIS BUT NOT HAPPILY!!". So you know, if you ever feel like oooh maybe i shouldn't do this? trust yourself lmao.


Insane what a billonaire makes you do, i was quite happy nested at twitter and now im scrambling to make a tumblr, pillowfort and quite probably a dreamwidth, for all the bad that twitter had it was quite nice to have access to so many non eng-speaking or outside the global north fans and creators.


Being completely honest i wanted my second update to follow thematically with some roxy meta, like it kind of feels like im cheating if i do a blog post instead of that, but i guess the bigger question here is cheating who? even tought im old enough to had most of my internet interactions to happen in horny filled bl rpg forum sites i've spent enough time in tumblr and twitter that i HAVE to do things so another might find it appeling or easy to follow, i think numbers and followers as a concept have rotten my mind a little bit.
WHICH takes me to something i've pondering of whether to add a guestbook or a chat, initially i just tought of this place as somewhere to dump every other thing i think about but i feel like doing meta for fandoms and analyzing are such a lost art that the idea of a meta circle seems like fun, i do want to conect to other people but im not sure if neocities is even the place for that and i've been quite shy in using this site as well, theres a lot of fun pages out there! really pushing what can be done with stilyzing which makes me feel like my designs pales in comparision, it awakens in my another case of "is this just a case of fomo or its because im afraid of doing silly frill laded pages at my age?".
ALSO lmao im so sorry for updating so much the site with like minimal changes, i do know that there are programs out there like visual studio and the like but i feel like it flows easier to do stuff inside neocites, even writing feels less daunting than opening a word page or a note app, also im ESL so...sometimes i re-read what i've wrote and realize it makes no sense(--_--).
On a more mundane note i want to update this a little bit every other week as i see this as a hobby when my park shift is done lets see how it goes!.