a mix of artist that i adore! when visiting their pages please understand that most of them are +18 and may play with topics that might harm personal sensibilities, as always be proactive in protecting yourself.

Amazing artists!!!!!!!!!

Spills art evokes on me the same reaction that Keiko takemiya art does, basically, "i want to devour that"; specially spills linework which is both delicate and powerful, like the string of a bow before shooting

malas influencias Groovy' art is unapogetically there, it exist and demands to be seen, fun and fresh, fluidity and expresion to the max experience which makes it so magnetic to me, whenever i see it i have to take time for me to capture every little line in it.
CAPITÁN SOLSIKKE theres something very primary about solsikke art, it seems to come from the pits itself of the daily turbolations of being a human, its very raw and tender, every powerful line and stroke giving pace to a melancholic undertone.
ottiliere not only lucy's art is fucking prisitine but her character analysis is sooo interesting! i found her with her dirk hospital!au and i do a little dance whenver she post, what first grabbed me was how she worked with lineless art and even tough it was "clean" it was so full of emotions.
Karaii I am.... a simple person, i see you having amazing characterization and great art and i become the shy ghost thats always on your eye periphery, forever watching...which is to say Karaii's art has all that
Allie Allie works is so fun!!! their character exploration is top notch and it works masterfully with the way he makes his comics flow!, you add onto that symbolism and thematic exploration and you can see why someone like me is hooked on them lmao, she's also one of the few people i trust with feliciano vargas which is A LOT. Currently she's also publishing some OC work and its been soo fun to read! check it out.

i have acumulated A LOT of stuff trough the years, some of it is interesting, some of it is useful, might as well link those pages i adore in here.

Jason Scott's Top 100 Textfiles text files are...well what the name implies honestly, it used to be the easiest way to share what now a days one could put in a pdf or even a word. I honestly find this page priceless, theres a lot of stuff from the mid 80's to 90's and Jason does an amazing work in explaining what each file entails (in his 100 more important) and you can read them without dowloading anything. A personal favorite category is the anarchy one with lots of interesting D.I.Y :)